The Musical Diary The 300th (A Massive Feat.)

For the 300th of The Musical Diary, I've asked to 15 wonderful artists to join me in a massive feat where every one of then will provide me the sounds to produce that tune. Without any concertation and a total freedom they provide me great material from many different styles of music : IDM, Instrumental, Techno, Noise, Ambient, Drone, Rock,... It was a great experience, very fun to work on a project like this and I want to thank all those artists : YOU ROCK !
I encourage you to check every one of those artists, they're are truly talented :

Artaban (,
Charly Sy (,
Charly et Sa Drole De Dame (,
Clarence Rise (,
Emmanuel Trep Kormann (,
Exomène (,
Fanny Menegoz (,
Leave Things (,
Liliane Chlela (,
Lucky Buzz (,
Martin Herron (,
Michel Donval (,
Protofuse (,
Rose froze (,
and Thot (

Also a big shout to all the other artists that couldn't make it, we'll have other occasions.
A special thank you to @melifer1 for the connections. And also to @RadioKC.